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How to use your camera and the basic principles of photography 1-2-1 session

Learn how to use your digital camera and the basic principles of photography on our 3 hour, 1-2-1 tuition session for beginners.

This 3 hour photography lesson teaches you to take full creative control of your camera settings, specifically your shutter speed, aperture and ISO. This shows you how to take photos with sharp backgrounds, blurred backgrounds, to get fun light trail photos, to show movement and how to get crisp, 'frozen' photos of moving subjects.

You will learn what settings to use for a wide variety of subjects such as scenery, flowers, portraits, water, products, buildings, wildlife, fireworks, the northern lights and more. The worksheets have example settings written down so you will have everything you need to go and practice photographing all of your favourite subjects.

You can bring any camera with a mode dial or mode selection abilities, the dial will have 'Tv, Av, M' for Canon cameras and 'S', 'A' and 'M' For Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony cameras etc. Fujifilm cameras vary in functionality but still have their own mode settings just in a different way.

1-2-1's are held online via zoom or in-person at my studio in Honiton, East Devon, UK. I can come to your location if necessary too.

We will use your camera's semi automatic and manual modes to learn about the following elements of Photography:

  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • White Balance 
  • Lens Markings
  • Camera Buttons and Functions
  • Depth of Field
  • Capturing Movement (frozen and blurred)
  • How Auto Mode Limits Creativity
  • Exposure Basics

Online and in person photography tuition sessions held at my studio are £139. You can also bring a friend and have the second space half price. 

Home visits are £169, additional fuel costs may be incurred if outside of Honiton. Please email me directly to book a home visit.

Learn How To Take Better Landscape Photos 

Our how to use your camera and the basic principles of photography session will teach you the basic theory of taking better landscape photos. We look at what camera settings you can use, and what accessories are commonly used by landscape photographers. Once the basics course is complete you can level up your learning of landscape photography with our two part, dedicated landscape photography lesson.

landscape photo camera tuition

Learn How To Take Better Portrait Photographs

You will learn how to take better portrait photos on our how to use your camera course. I will show you what camera settings to use to capture photos of people in the different environments you find them in. From sports photography, to posed shots, you will be able to choose the most appropriate settings to capture movement, get everyone in focus when shooting groups of people and to blur the backgrounds to make your single subjects stand out.

Portrait photography courses

Learn How To Take Long Exposures

We will learn the camera settings need to take long exposures, for a variety of subjects, within our how to use your camera lesson.

We learn to take light trails from cars:

car light trails photography training

How to take abstract long exposures in low light:

Long exposure of woodlands abstract

Long exposures at night time

Learn What Camera Settings To Use For Wildlife Photography

In our 'How to use your camera' lesson we look at the appropriate settings for photographing wildlife. With small subjects and how to get in close enough and still get enough details to fast moving subjects that require us to take the photos faster. We see how light limits our ability to shoot quickly and you will learn what shutter speeds we need to use for each subject we may want to photograph. We can also hold dedicated wildlife lessons (once you have completed this first session) at Seaton Wetlands in East Devon where we can practice photographing the birds. 

Wildlife photography tuition devon photography training

Learn How To Photograph Water 

You will learn what settings you need to use to photograph water, both with movement blur for misty looking water and with frozen droplets to create impressive splash photos.

water photograph showing movement in exmouth near railings

You can book yourself in for a one to one session with my online scheduler here. Choose between the in person session and the online session. There is a questionnaire where you can tell me about your specific learning needs, what camera you have and you can provide any other relevant information for the session.

Following on from this session you can learn more specifically about specific genres of photography, you can take our online courses, sign up for our membership site or learn about developing a Photography business.

We hold monthly photo walks where you can practice using your camera settings, meet Gem (our tutor) and socialise with other Photographers from our Facebook training group

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