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How to use Lightroom Classic - Import, Edit & Export

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Using Lightroom Classic from the beginning of your editing process will ensure you have a tidy, easy to navigate workflow when it comes to finding and retrieving your images. No messy hard drives or unlabelled folders with random images in, this session will start you off on the right foot.

Lightroom Classic Compared To Photoshop

Lightroom Classic is, what I call, the user friendly version of Photoshop. If you have used Photoshop but not yet explored Lightroom Classic, this piece of software will blow your mind! Whenever Lightroom is updated, Adobe appear to be taking something Photoshop can do and making it way simpler to implement whilst using Lightroom Classic. 

You will learn the most important aspects of Lightroom for image organisation and editing including:

How to import images
Organising Images and Folders
Embedding Keywords for SEO
How to Edit in the Develop Module
How to Cull and Select Using Flags, Colours and Ratings
How to Use Previews and Virtual Copies
Using the Crop Tool Aspect Ratios and Anti Distortion Tools
How to Export Images for Different Uses
How to Use the Library Module 
and much more


What this course is about:

We take a deep dive into this software in an easy to follow, video based course that will clarify the key features in Lightroom Classic for organising, editing and saving your final images. 

Taught over 5 core lessons, we will break down the steps needed to use Lightroom Classic effectively and efficiently within your editing workflow.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Photographers who are ready to start editing their photos properly, those who have been winging it with editing software so far and for Marketing professionals who want to create professional looking imagery that is properly finished with SEO in mind.

What do you need for this course?

Ideally you will need to be shooting in RAW file format at this point but if you are not, look for the 'Quality' setting in your camera and set it either to RAW (Large if it gives you a small, medium or large option) or set it to RAW + JPEG if you aren't yet ready to go full RAW. 

You will also need a powerful enough computer to run Lightroom Classic, minimum requirements will be 8gb RAM. If you need help finding out your computer specifications check out the free guide in the resource library.

You will need a back up option, either an external harddrive or a cloud based subscription service.

I recommend sandisk, samsung or seagate for a solid state hard drive and dropbox or google drive cloud services. 

What you will learn:

What Lightroom Classic is, the format and how it works

How to embed copyright information and keywords into your images

How to create presets for your keywords and copyright information when editing for multiple genres, products or clients.

How to best organise your folder structures on import to allow you to easily find images once they have been imported

How to choose the right image previews for you.

How to use the import window for adding images from a memory card or a location already on your PC/MAC/External hard drive.

How to cull, sort, label, rate, pick and exclude images once imported into your library.

How to filter the images based on the above attributes.

How to change the view of your images including zooming to different levels.

How to search your images based on their keywords.

How to create collections of your images.

How to edit your images for exposure, white balance, clarity, transforming, colour corrections and grading, black and white conversions and more.

How to save the slider positions as presets for future use and batch editing.

How to mask parts of your image for selective adjustments

How to select specific colours, luminance ranges and areas 

How to remove redeye and how to avoid it in the first place

How to batch remove photos from lightroom and your computer

How to move images and folders around in Lightroom

How to relocate files using Lightroom Classic

How to export your images for different uses with different sizes, i.e. print and web

How to create presets of the export options we choose for faster exporting

7 Units

Key Preparations Before You Start

Some key considerations and preparations to make before you start your Lightroom Classic Course.

Lightroom Classic Lesson 1

Learn everything you need to know about importing your photos.

Lightroom Classic Lesson 2

The second lesson teaches you about culling, labelling, and rating your images. Then learn how to search for those attributes using the library filters. 

You will also learn to cull your images based on variety and quality.

Lightroom Classic Lesson 3

The third lessons shows you how to use the sliders in the basic editing panel and all the panels below this, including detail, colour mixer, transform and lens corrections.

Lightroom Classic Lesson 4

In this lesson you will learn how to crop with different aspect ratios, how to use the red eye, healing and masking tools.

Lightroom Classic Lesson 5

In this lesson we learn how to export our photos using different sizes and export presets.

We will export in a way that makes it easy for you the next time round.

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