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Photography can be wonderfully therapeutic, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the settings and functions when using your camera out of auto or learning to use editing software. 

That's why Gem started teaching Photography in bitesize, easy to absorb lessons both online and in person. A great alternative to studying photography at college or university. Perfect for hobbyists or those shooting professionally.

Our membership site hosts live demos throughout the month including:

Edit With Me Sessions

Going Pro Power Hours

Question and Answer Sessions

We also have webinars and interviews with relevant experts lined up. There's a resource pool of useful infographics, articles and paperwork examples.

Pay as you go on our online courses with our free membership tier or sign up to a paid tier to have them included in your membership.

To see our full list of membership benefits click here.

Q: Who is this Gem person? and why should I invest in my education with her?

A: An excellent question you savvy shooter, find out all about Gem in her getting to know me post. 

1-2-1 Session Booking

All screen based sessions are recorded and uploaded to your personal members area. Worksheets from sessions are also included here.

1-2-1 Sessions are tailored to meet your photography goals, the most common sessions I teach are: 

How to use your Camera and the Basic Principles of Photography

How to Edit your Photos Using Lightroom Classic

How to Edit your Photos Using Photoshop CC

Kick-Start your Photography Business

Book in for a 1-2-1 session here.

Our membership tiers to support your journey in Photography are:

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Happy Hobbyists - The free tier for hobbyists with easy to follow infographics, fun quizzes, supportive community, photo projects, competitions, live demos, PLUS loads of FREE resources from our resource pool. This is our tier for those who wish to pay as you go on our stand alone courses.

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Savvy Shooters - £9 A month tier for people serious about learning photography includes everything from the Happy Hobbyists free membership, plus access to all of our courses for serious hobbyist photographers, including video lessons and worksheets. Monthly Q&A’s, edit with me sessions and an introductory video call are also included.

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Big Cheese Membership -  £14 A month - Support for new and existing professionals includes everything from the Savvy Shooters Membership plus our course on kick starting your photography business, marketing ideas, paperwork templates, lessons, videos, worksheets, monthly Q&A, edit with me sessions, group working power hour sessions, an introductory video call, Canva templates and more!

I'm currently working on the courses that you get access to in the paid tiers, (our Lightroom Classic Course is up and running) but the others in the making are:

How to use your Camera and the Basic Principles of Photography

How to Edit your Photos Using Lightroom Classic

How to Edit your Photos Using Photoshop CC

Kick-Start your Photography Business

These are the same courses that you can 'pay as you go' with to include them in your Membervault account with our free membership tier. You can also take these courses as 1-2-1 sessions if you need to learn the content before the online courses are released.

Our community of Photographers are open to you within our facebook group where you can join in with our group projects, find out about our regular monthly meet ups and be notified of any news from this site, live events and membership info.


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