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Happy Hobbyists Membership

Our FREE membership for Photographers who want to join our thriving, supportive community.

Join us for in-person meet ups, group photo projects, buddy ups, and access our free resource pool.

You can pay as you go on our courses in this membership. Watch Live 'Edit With Me' sessions and find links to recommended experts.

Resources from any 1-2-1 sessions we have will be uploaded here too.

Savvy Shooters Membership

Only the Savviest of Shooters can join.. this membership is for serious hobbyists who want to improve their photography, master their camera settings and give the middle finger to Automatic mode.

Courses are included in this tier. We have Q&A sessions, Edit With Me live demos and a butt load of resources you can binge in our resource pool. Make use of half hour 1-2-1 zoom progress reviews every 6 months.

This is a paid membership and costs £9 per month, with 10% off of 1-2-1 sessions.

Big Cheese Membership

No forgetting to take your lens cap off now! Our big cheese membership supports new and existing Professional Photographers to define their target audience, refine their systems and processes and run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

We have live Q&A sessions, co working Power Hours, and a whole bunch of business resources, progress reviews & courses to help you meet your goals.

This is a paid membership and costs £14 per month, with 10% off of 1-2-1 sessions.

How to use Lightroom Classic - Import, Edit & Export

Take a deep dive into our Lightroom Classic Course for Beginners with our easy to follow, video based lessons that will clarify the key features in Lightroom Classic for organising, editing and saving your images. 

Taught over 5 core lessons, we will break down the steps needed to use Lightroom Classic effectively and efficiently within your editing workflow. This course is included in our paid membership plans or can be bought as a standalone course for £47.

Apply For Our Fully Guided Portrait Photography Business Start Up Service

Personalised portrait photography business support 1-2-1 sessions provide guidance and a do-it-with-you approach to getting everything that you - specifically, need support with, to implement and run your portrait photography business with the greatest chance of success.

Photography Competition

Take part in our monthly competition to be in with a chance to win a 1 hour 1-2-1 session and all the glory!! You will also have your work featured in this module in our winners section with links to your portfolio. 

366 and 52 Week Project Theme

Join in our themed group project with a photo per day or per week and shooting guide for paid members for each theme. For the list, if you are on our free membership, click 'learn more.' You will also see the individual posts in the Facebook group.

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